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Even though First Baptist is a small church, our congregation is loaded with talent! Our church has a long tradition of having an adult choir as part of our worship. We are passionate about leading worship together as we believe we were created for worship! We believe God has given us the gift of music as a way to praise Him in love and joy. When we worship together through singing, we are being shaped by the Holy Spirit. Together we learn what it means to love God and what it means to love one another. 
We rehearse every Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome to join us! The only requirement is a willingness to "make a joyful noise." Our choir performs all kinds of genre of music-- tradition, contemporary and gospel! We believe that the Church has inherited all kinds of wonderful music throughout history and all of it should be used for worship.
Please join us as we worship and praise the Lord together
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